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Steam Cleaning is simply the BEST way to CLEAN!

What we do

We move your furniture!

We move most furniture like chairs and end tables. We also move couches in living rooms and dens. We do not move electronics, dressers, beds, etc.


We pre-treat your carpet with our soil emmulsifier, breaking down grime, oxidants, and traffic areas.


Using powerful Truck mounted units, along with the RotoVac extraction system, we thoroughly deep clean the carpet, using our own water heated to produce steam… flushing away your dirt and grime away from your home!

We apply our

odor counteracting carpet freshner at no additional cost!

Furniture is replaced

on the cleaned carpet with protectors to ensure no dye transfer

Why you will love our service

Our Service is performed using Truck mounted equipment ensuring more power, faster drying, and a cleaner carpet!

We use our own water and take your dirty water from your cleaned carpet away from your home!

For those places our hoses can’t reach such as high rises and apartments we use powerful commercially designed portable extraction units along with our RotoVac Extraction system!

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Satisfaction guaranteed... If you are not 100% satisfied with the service you received within 30 days we will reclean at no charge

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Day time or evening appointment available

We pay attention to detail

Price guarantee for repeat customers... We appreciate your business and will offer our quality services at the same price (or better) as your last booking with us

Frequently asked:

  • Why do you use Truck mounted and portable carpet cleaning systems?
  • They both have their advantages. That is why we use both! A truck mounted unit carries our own water, heats it to steam, delivering a very powerful cleaning punch to the dirtiest carpet! A portable unit also provides an exceptional cleaning but offers the advantage of serving areas where it is not practical to use our truck mount, such as apartments and high rises. In both cases we still use the RotoVac extraction system which ensures a deep cleaning and fast drying!

  • What is the RotoVac extraction System and how does it work?
  • Rotovac 360i is a Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes.
    The RotoVac IS NOT a carpet scrubber…it is an extraction system which DEEP CLEANS the carpet with specially designed jets and vacuum technology. The RotoVac is attached to the hoses which lead out to our truck. Your carpet will be super clean!

  • Do you use the traditional cleaning wand to clean carpets?
  • It depends on the situation. The cleaning technician will determine the most effective means to ensure your carpet is getting the BEST cleaning possible!

  • How often should my carpets be cleaned?
  • The carpet manufacturing industry recommends bi-annually (very 4 months if you have children and pets). Professional cleaning does not damage the carpet

  • What is better in my home…carpeting or wood floors?
  • It depends upon your tastes but here are some thoughts to consider

    Carpeting is the largest indoor filter to catch air-born dust and allergens. Instead of the dust being left on a hard surface to be unsettled and breathed in or resettling on your tables and furniture, it is caught in the carpet and easily vacuumed away.

    Carpet adds warmth and beautifies any room

    Carpet acts as an added insulation which keeps your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Carpet enhances the acoustics of the room and also insulates against sharp impact noise, animal noises such as barking or clicking sounds due to paws and claws. Children love to play and a carpet helps to reduce noise caused by toys dropping or being pushed across the floor.

    You can enjoy both hard surface flooring and carpet in the home. Heavy traffic areas such as halls and entrances can be hard surface while each room can be adorned with the beauty and advantages which carpet provides

    Carpet is the best way to ensure comfort in your home and regular vacuuming and diligent care will protect your investment and keep it looking good for years. It is recommended that you vacuum at least twice per week.

  • Are the products you use toxic?
  • Not a chance. Our products are safe and environmentally friendly and recommended for residential environments. We use premium grade solutions which are specially designed for carpet and upholstery…also…we use STEAM. Steam is simply the Best way to clean!


Very professional, pleasant, and informed. The service was excellent and pricing very fair.

D. Belanger

Extremely professional service…knowledgeable and provided quality carpet cleaning. Definitely would use this service again and have already recommended it to others.

D. Mowat

Very pleased with this service. The equipment used was high quality… The results were exceptional and I will definitely recommend and use this company again in the future.

G. Meyer

The carpet was in pretty rough shape… it now looks brand new. It was money well spent!!!

A. Barton

I had a wonderful experience with Kleen It Home Services. I wasn't expecting the excellent results he was able to achieve with my fourty year old carpets. They came clean!. I'm extremely happy with the results and service with Kleenit.

S. Halcombe


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